Thru-hike of Alps

Thru-hike of Alps

After thru-hikes of two big mountain ranges of Europe, Carpathians and Pyrenees, the Alps remained the logical follow-up of my long-distance expeditions. In summer and autumn 2017, during 64 days of hiking, I’ve walked across about 2,000 kilometers from Monaco to Vienna, passing through 5 countries and few dozens of mountain ranges.

The original plan was to follow the longest route of these mountains, Via Alpina, 2631 km long red path from Monaco to Trieste. The weather modified this plan during the expedition. When early snowfall blocked the trails in the high parts of the Swiss and Austrian Alps, I had to change my direction. Instead of the Via Alpina, I decided to thru-hike the whole Alps, ending at their furthest point, on the banks of the Danube in Vienna.


The expedition was an opportunity to cross the most beautiful places in the Alps, as well as their rarely visited ranges. Due to the early snowfall in that season it was not possible to enter many high regions. The whole trekking turned also out to be a great challenge in terms of fitness. However, the expedition was a great continuity of my previous European expeditions.


Przejście Alp – podsumowanie (PL only)

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