Łukasz Supergan

Polish adventurer, photographer, long-distance walker and writer. My passion and way of life are long-distance journeys, done solely through the strength of my muscles. During last 12 years I have walked alone more than 20 000 km across Europe and Asia, mostly in the mountains. Travelling on foot allows you to focus and look at the world in close-up. It also brings you a better understanding of people and places.

Meetings and presentations

Meetings and presentations: sharing my experience is part of every expedition.

My books

Stories of unique hikes. Tale of solo thru-hike of Carpathian Mountains and reportage from Iranian Zagros Mountains.

My expeditions

20 000 km on three continents. Expedition is a self-challenge and a way to experience the world.

Crossing of Zagros Mountains, Iran

The goal of this expedition was to cross, during fall 2014 roku, the entire length of Iranian Zagros Range. From Tabriz, in the north-west Iran, I’ve walked 2300-2500 km across the mountains and deserts to reach the shore of Indian Ocean.

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