Abraham Path

Abraham Path

The 400km trail crosses whole Palestinian Territories. It’s thru-hike in 2017 was a continuation of the Israeli National Trail.

The idea of Abraham Path was to cross Middle East countries, connecting places where Abraham, the father of Jews, Christians and Muslims, has walked. In reality, a significant part of it is just an idea, as many places in region are destroyed by war. The trail therefore exists as a short section in Turkey and a longer one, across Palestine. It leads from Bait Misrim through Hebron, Bethlehem, Jericho and Nablus to Rummana.

A year after Israel National Trail hike, I walked through a Palestinian side, to face today’s reality of this place and listen to the stories of Palestinians. These two walks across Holy Land showed me the complexity of the region and conflict, that has been tearing it apart for decades.

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