Alps 13 × 4000

Alps 13 × 4000

28-day trip, dedicated to highest peaks of French and Swiss Alps. My goal was to climb, in July 2009, 13 4000-m peaks  in France and Switzerland. I’ve chosen mountains which were varying in height and difficulty, allowing myself to get gradual acclimatization. I moved lightweight and my base-camps were located in the valleys of Saas Fee, Zermatt and Chamonix.

List of summits completed:

1. Bishorn (4153)
2. Weissmies (4023, S ridge)
3. Allalinhorn (4027, Hohlaub ridge)
4. Nadelhorn (4327)
5. Stecknadelhorn (4241)
6. Mont Blanc (4807, ascent Gouter ridge, descend – 3m route)
7. Mont Maudit (4465, SW ridge)
8. Mont Blanc du Tacul (4248)
9. Breithorn (4164)
10. Breithorn Środkowy (4159)
11. Pollux (4092)
12. Castor (4223)
13. Dom (4545)

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