2 years around Asia

2 years around Asia

Lifetime adventure, caused by my curiosity and desire to meet other cultures: 2-year trip around the biggest Earth’s continent, which we called the “Way to Shangri-la.”

It began with a humble thought about traveling along the Silk Road. It finished as a huge wander across 24 countries of Asia and Europe. Together with my friend, Ola Nikiel, we started in October 2010. During 24 months of travel, by surface transport (no flights), we made twice the length of the Earth’s equator (approx. 80 000 km). The route followed across the Middle East, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Southeast Asia, China and Siberia. We spent 18 months together on the road. 6 more months I travelled alone in Central Asia republics.

This wandering was life-changing experience. It showed me things, I would never belive in, before leaving home. After returning, I never came back to my “9-5 job” and devoted myself fully to traveling, writing and storytelling.


Meetings and presentations

Meetings and presentations: sharing my experience is part of every expedition.

My books

Stories of unique hikes. Tale of solo thru-hike of Carpathian Mountains and reportage from Iranian Zagros Mountains.

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