Befriend your fears

During the lonely thru-hike of the Iranian Zagros mountains, I fought for my life, while climbing down a huge cliff. In the next few weeks I was negotiating snowy passes, fighting the heat of the desert and being arrested, suspected of espionage. In all these situations years of experience have allowed me to stay cool and make clear decisions.


For whom?

For companies and organisations


60 minutes


Safety / Risk management


Long distance expeditions are serious undertakings, where a happy finale is only a small part of the whole. They require perfect planning of the next steps, strict management of your forces and flawless assessment of the situation. And, if necessary, a radical change of direction.

The presentation addresses issues such as:

  • Making rational decisions in high stress and danger conditions
  • Setting your risk limit
  • Turning destructive stress into helpful and productive
  • Learning from failures
  • Appreciation of change and changing them from threat to opportunity

Each presentation can be adjusted in terms of time, story or audience: from a 15-minute keynote, to a 1-hour lecture.

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