What has a meaning in your life?

My career path was far from typical. Even more: it seemed to be a contradiction of what career experts dictate. After completing my studies and a short adventure with my own company, I gave up business job. In order to make my work meaningful, I started working for a big environmental NGO. It was the work of my dreams. Yet after a few years, I did something completely unreasonable: leaving everything behind, I left Europe to spend 2 years in in Asia traveling. Since then I rejected stable life, security and safety. Constant change and risk have become part of my life. During the presentation, I guide the audience along the path of my career, pointing the decisive moments and things that shaped me.


For whom?

Schools and students


60 minutes


Inspiration / Motivation


The presentation addresses issues such as:

  • Shaping your own life. Why it is worth going beyond the beaten track?
  • Knowledge and experience, which I consider important from today’s perspective
  • Pursuade of knowledge outside schooling system
  • Intuition as your best guide
  • Developing yourself, to start life that has a meaning

Each presentation can be adjusted in terms of time, story or audience: from a 15-minute keynote, to a 1.5-hour lecture.

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