Travel. How to leave everything behind and start the journey?

Travelling is the learning of tolerance, respect and understanding for people and their cultures. This is a lesson that we will not receive in any school. How to organize the journey of your life? Is there a need for a plan, and if so, where to start? What to remember before going on a journey, so that you do not have to worry about what you have forgotten? These are the questions that bother most people, who at least once passed through their heads in order to leave everything and set off into the world. During the speech I share my experience and familiarize the participants with the shadows and shadows of being on the road.


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60 minutes


Inspiration / Practical advice


The presentation brings together everything I’ve learned from traveling over the years, from the moment I left everything, with my backpack packed, to the moment I left Poland to spend two years on my way through Asia. That decision changed my life, putting it on a new track. But what has travel taught me, apart from getting to know a piece of the world? What reflections have they provided? In my speeches, I put forward a somewhat risky thesis: everyone should travel. Not everyone has to be a full-time traveller, but each of us has to get to know a different world than the one that surrounds his or her home. Such an encounter with others opens up and teaches understanding and tolerance. For a journey to change us, it should not just be a trip to the world. It must be accompanied by openness and attention.

The presentation addresses issues such as:

  • Practical aspects of preparing for a long trip abroad – what information is needed before departure and where to look for it?
  • What kind of equipment should you take with you when travelling in the tropics, in the deserts, in the high mountains, in areas far from civilisation?
  • How to move around, where to eat and sleep, how to communicate with people whose language we do not know?
  • How to deal with the “cultural shock” that affects us in foreign places?
  • How to stay safe and travel in a way that does not harm local cultures?

Each presentation can be adjusted in terms of time, story or audience: from a 15-minute keynote, to a 3-hours workshop.

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