The art of minimalism

Walking and traveling lightweight luggage has a number of advantages. You can move more freely, faster, to cross every kilometer, losing less strength and also reducing the chances of injury. There is more time for the side things – visiting the places on the trail or taking photographs. Light packaging can make it easier for older people with weaker knees or spine to cross a route. In short: marching with little load is more enjoyable and equally safe.


For whom?

For young hikers and experienced trekkers


60 minutes


Equipment / Practical advice


My own wanderings I started with a backpack weighing even 25 kg. With time I started to subtract pounds. The march became easier, the approaches took less effort, the body was relieved, and the mind finally focused on something other than the fight against the load. The whole journey has become more enjoyable. In addition, ‘light’ does not always mean ‘fast’. The time saved by the lightweight backpack can be used for further extrusion or for an evening spent by the fire. How to start wandering with small luggage? Observing myself and others, I have developed principles that seem to me to be the most important.

The presentation addresses issues such as:

  • Evolution of my own baggage system
  • Weight of equipment vs. convenience and security
  • Lightweight sleeping system functionality in the field
  • What to wear – equipment, shoes and clothes for wandering lightly
  • Navigation and safety

Each presentation can be adjusted in terms of time, story or audience: from a 15-minute keynote, to a 2-hour workshop.

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