Travelling helps you get to know and understand the world

Long walks are particularly deep way of traveling. They expose the lonely wanderer to direct contact with people and nature. They require constant concentration and caution, respect to the nature, navigation and survival skills, and self-confidence. In difficult situations you must maintain your willpower. And when maps and traces fail, you must trust your intuition and experience.

In my stories I summarise the experience of 20 000 thru-hikes and 10 years of traveling across Europe and Asia, among the highest mountains in the world. I show extraordinary experineces and personal stories. I speak about meetings with people and myself.

I presented my stories during > 150 festivals and meetngs, in front of an audience between 20 and 4000 people. Each presentation is a personal story told through photographs, films and sounds. It is a presentation of the expedition itself, but also the tale about the culture and reality of the places described. They have been hosted 6 times on “Kolosy”, the biggest travel festival in Poland. They were also presented at the National Geographic Poland events, 70+ festivals, TEDx conferences and corporate events.

Each presentation can be adjusted in terms of time, story or audience: from a 15-minute keynote, to a 3-hour workshop.

For beginners

Travel. How to leave everything behind and start the journey?

Travel is a lesson of tolerance, respect and understanding. This lesson we'll not receive in any school. »