„Walking to Iranian nomads”

In May 2016the second book has been published. “Pieszo do irańskich nomadów” (“Walking to Iranian nomads”) is an account of 76-days walk along Zagros range in western Iran. Zagros Mountains, stretched along the entire western Iran, are empty and hardly visited by strangers.

My fascination about Iran and passion for long-distance hikes made me, however, to explore that inhospitable piece of the Earth.

An additional motivation for that trip was to look after last Iranian nomads, still, in 21st century, wandering through the mountains with their herds. Are there still nomads living in the Zagros? How do they cope with the reality of modern Iran? Who are the people, that live in these mountains? With single backpack and one pair of shoes, I’ve walked along the paths and passes of Zagros, meeting Iranians, hearing their tales and stories. They have created an unusual picture of this country, surprising, rich and very different from the stereotypes. “Walking to Iranian nomads” is the story of an unknown Iran and exhausting, lonely walk among the barren mountains and deserts.

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