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20 March 2019

HRP / Haute Route Pyrénéenne – practical user’s guide

HRP practical guide: prep., gear, maps, food - everything you need for 40 day walk.
29 September 2018

Crossing Iceland. Part 3: equipment

Equipment for Iceland crossing. What boots, clothes, tent and sleeping bag to take on Iceland…
food_crossing_iceland_deposists Expeditions
25 September 2018

Crossing Iceland. Part 2: food, supplies and deposits

Food for crossing Iceland. What to eat? Where to resupply?
20 September 2018

Crossing Iceland. Part 1: the route and preparations

Crossing Iceland means 3-4 weeks of hiking. How to be prepared for it?
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10 April 2018

Hiking Negev desert without caching water. Food, water and supplies on Israel National Trail

How to manage your water and food on Israel National Trail and how to thru-hike…
zagros_thru_hike_gear Equipment
10 January 2018

Iranian Zagros thru-hike. Equipment and considerations

2300 km and 76 days of walk: in 2014 I've thru-hiked Iranian Zagros mountain range…